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Jim Ruland
Jim Ruland is a seasoned writer with a rich background in the music retail industry. His journey began with the opening of his small, niche music store, 52.5, in 1997 at 52 1/2 Wentworth Street.

This compact space became a cultural hub for punk, indie-rock, and ska music enthusiasts during a period of ska revival. Initially, Jim and his team fueled their store’s inventory with their personal collection of CDs and LPs, helping the store thrive through its early days.

Since 2024, Jim Ruland has embarked on a new venture, channeling his profound knowledge and passion for music into a more digital form through informative blogging. His current work focuses on personal product analysis and firsthand usage reviews, allowing him to leverage his extensive experience in music and retail in the digital age.

Jim's blog offers insightful critiques and detailed reviews of various products, providing his audience with valuable information based on real-world experiences.
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